Outdoor Living
  1. Patio's
    Love being outside? Patios can serve as a central hub for your outdoor activities. It provides a wide flat surface for relaxing furniture and a perfect location for the grill.
  2. Pergolas
    If you love the great outdoors but shade is your deal-breaker, consider a pergola. When lined with some climbing plants you can expect dappled shade.
  3. Custom Lattices
    Custom Lattices
    100% Customizable, lattices can be made to match anything. They can also help to create some amazing landscapes.
  1. Out Door Kitchens
    Out Door Kitchens
    Be a part of the family fun while you cook outside! These outdoor kitchens can be fully equipped with Gas BBQ, heating and cooling units along with storage drawers for all those utensils
  2. Decks
    Raise your patio to new heights with a deck or balcony and enjoy the relaxing view. 2nd and 3rd story decks make for stunning additions to any house.
  3. Play Sets
    Play Sets
    Reinvent your child's world with a custom play-set. These play-sets come in many shapes and sizes to suit your personal needs.
  4. Fire Pits
    Fire Pits

Don't forget lights!

  1. Out Door Media
    Out Door Media
    Games movies and music. If you love entertainment and being outside why not do both. We can install outside rated equipment to provide a fully immersive entertainment experience.
  2. Hot tub Enclosures
    Hot tub Enclosures
    Why walk up stairs to get into your hot tub, when you could just step in from the same level as your patio. Never slip over the edge again.
  3. Garden Boxes
    Garden Boxes
    Maintain 360° of planting vigilance with a raised bed garden box set. This allows for easier access to maintain your plants as well as to keep species seclusion.
  4. Fire Pits
    Fire Pits