Meet The Team

What can we do for you?
All About Landscaping has a very diverse group of individuals with a multitude of backgrounds from agriculture to timber harvesting to computer aided engineering. As we develop these skills and others we go forward with a sense of exploration, mixed with knoledge, understanding, and respect for the customer. Our mission is to provide top quality in our services, our products, and our customer relations

Casey Cumpton

Tom Tailer

CEO & President

Job Supervisor

Casey is the heart and soul of All About Landscaping. He is the first one on the job and the last one to bed. Never stopping, never waiting, Casey will work round the clock if necessary, to get the job done right. Just ask anybody who knows him and you will hear how wonderful he is and how awesome his work is. 
Tom is like the mortar that binds the company together. He likes to disagree for sake of making you think about what you just said. Most of the time he is right for doing so. Tom can move slower and still get more done than most.... somehow. He grew up on a farm where he learned all about how to work hard and has never stopped, just wait till you see him in action.
Mike Apadaka
If there is one most prominent aspect of Mike, that is his devotion to a task. Give him a vision and he will analyze collaborate and work hard to complete that vision. Mike has the ability to understand a situation and provide an accurate and responsive solution.
Landscape Specialist
Trevor Thompson
Trevor Thompson
Trevor is a take charge person with a deep understanding of what the customer is likely to want or desire. He is always thinking of the next topic that might hinder the overall project and actively tries to provide solutions. With an ever growing desire to be better Trevor has the tenacity to accomplish great things.
Landscape Specialist
"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all"
Brian Williams
With a multi-faceted skill set, Brian is our leading play court specialist our chief mechanic and a valued member of our landscape team. Brian has an acute attention to detail, even to his own dismay at times. His only objective is to do it right. 
Playcourt Specialist
"If I tell you twice, that's one too many"
Frank Peters
Frank is the biggest member of our crew, ringing in at 6'5" he has the best time building, and the worst time reaching the ground. With hard hands and soft eyes, he can lift a hammer and your spirits. Frank provides a wealth of information along with tools and skills to complete the job at hand.
Construction Specialist
"you can Easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him"  Malcom S. Forbes
Mario Apadaka
Have you ever needed a laugh? Mario is our own personal "pick-me-up". Always with a Whitty comment, sometimes a little racy but always in good fun, to lift our spirits. As All About's longest running team member he has seen his fair share of shoveling, now a'days he gets to show the new blood how it's done. 
Morale Officer

Kody Pfliger
As the newest member of All About Landscaping, Kody brings his own blend of panache and swagger to fulfill his role in our circus. He can pull a heavy load in more ways than one, and he always has something to say. If you're stumped and need an answer just ask kody, he is sure to have an answer. 
Equipment Handler
"what is juice"
Dave chappelle