Pond Build
  1. Demo old pond
    Demo old pond
    This pond's time had gone and went. Our owner wanted water garden/Koi pond combo. This made for a fun and challenging build.
  2. Pond formation
    Pond formation
    This image shows the shaping of the pond at a 4ft+ bottom depth. The pond walls are coated with a sand mix to protect the liner to come.
  3. Component Placement
    Component Placement
    Having the right components for pond operation makes life much easier. Bottom drains, skimmers and bio-falls work together to keep everything clean and clear.
  1. ProMat and Liner
    ProMat and Liner
    You can never have too much protection. We place ultra-heavy ProMat to ensure that the liner stays safe and secure.
  2. Pond Piping
    Pond Piping
    Often overlooked and mis-sized, the importance of proper plumbing is critical to the lifespan and operation of the pump system.
  3. Voilà
    And it's done ! ! OK it's not quite that easy, but you don't need to know that. LoL


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